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Guoqing Chang

CFEL Hamburg, Germany & Institute of Physics Beijing, PR China

Henry Chapman
(conf. pending)

DESY Hamburg, Germany

Frank Gabel

IBS, France

Jose A. Gavira

CSIC Granada, Spain

Taisia Gorkhover

Hamburg University, Germany

Gerhard Klebe

Marburg University, Germany

Filipe Maia

SBL Uppsala, Sweden

Irene Margiolaki

Patras University, Greece

Alke Meents

DESY Hamurg, Germany

Arwen Pearson

CFEL Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Peters

Lübeck University, Germany

Lars Redecke

Lübeck University, Germany

Tim Salditt

GWDW Göttingen, Germany

Claude Sauter

IBMC CNRS Strasbourg, France

Hartmut Schlüter

UKE Hamburg, Germany

Thomas Schneider

EMBL Hamburg, Germany

Tobias Schrader

FZ Jülich, Germany

Christian Schroer

DESY Hamburg, Germany

Eike Schulz

CFEL Hamburg, Germany

Dmitri Svergun

EMBL Hamburg, Germany

Charlotte Uetrecht

XFEL Hamburg, Germany
Harbor Hamburg, Germany
  • Christian Betzel Hamburg University
  • Jeroen Mesters Lübeck University


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